WELL Ventures values ingenuity, culture and operator leadership.

WELL Ventures is focused on supporting digital health globally, with an emphasis on investments that modernize healthcare in Canada.

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About WELL Ventures:

We are on a mission to help improve healthcare by empowering patients and healthcare practitioners everywhere. We know a goal as audacious as that cannot be achieved without outstanding innovation that can only be generated by exceptional entrepreneurs. For this reason, we’re looking to invest in the best and brightest digital health start-ups and emerging companies.

WELL Ventures has a broad focus in tech-enabled healthcare but is more inclined to invest in ideas and opportunities that can result in strategic partnership or can benefit from WELL’s own substantial technology and healthcare assets.

WELL’s leadership team takes our investment portfolio seriously and allocates a lot of time and energy to help see through opportunities. Our mutual goal is in seeing our investees benefit from our experienced personnel, industry connectivity, strong North American reach, and significant scale across patients and practitioners alike.

Our initial minority investments are often accompanied by strategic alliance and collaboration agreements with WELL and result in follow-on investments or even majority acquisitions by WELL as has occurred in the cases of Circle Medical, Insig and Phelix AI.

About WELL Health Technologies Corp. (parent to WELL Ventures)

For more information on WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX:WELL) please visit the WELL Corporate website.